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Our Safety, Security and Risk Assessments is the first step towards implementing requirements to your staff, processes and department as a whole.

The benefits of the assessment(OPTIONAL)

  1. Identify key indicators of all Risk indicators to the business
  2. Identify key indicators of all HSE indicators to the business
  3. Identify the keys factors of the current Risk and HSE in the business
  4. Identify the non-compliance to the Occupation Health and Safety Act
  5. Provide a clear and actionable solution based on budget and needs


The Risk and Safety assessment is performed by:

  1. Meeting with you to learn the basics of your business ,strategy and your goals
  2. Reviewing your existing system and infrastructure
  3. Performing interviews with the staff to get the understanding of what they understand about the Security aspects of your business
  4. We provide a detailed recommendation report to your company
  5. We also help to implement the new structure and system that will help your company to be fully complaint with all the verious Regulations

The Security Requirements and Implementation

  1. After the Safety and Risk Assessments we as the Company will have a better idea of what the challenges are and we can the lay it toward the Client.
  2. We will always strive to fulfil the needs of our Clients at an Affordable price at all times.
  3. Khuthele Management Service is a young dynamic company which is the realization of a vision shared by dynamic leaders in the Security Industry.
  4. The security operations are seen as the physical measures conducted by the security teams on a specific site and the segment of the concept includes physical security, loss prevention and special operations.


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