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About the Company

Khuthele Management Service is one of the providers that are striving to excellence and satisfaction in the Security services. We have a brought range of experience more than 10 years as Risk and Safety/Security individual field.

We know and Understand that the Risk and Safety & Security industry is a very important factor in a business and our mission is to put our expertise to work in your business or organization to provide positive benefits, value and a great return on in your investment in our services.


  • To be the pre-eminent provider of the integrated services protecting the assets of our Clients in South Africa and target International markets ,through the consistent of excellence in every sphere of the security provision and Client Service.
  • To Maximize Stakeholder value and ensuring consistent growth and stability
  • Providing and manage unique , cost effective and advanced integrated security solutions
  • Complying with International health & safety and environmental standards
  • Employing competent and committed personnel.


  • To ensure that the Clients remains the focus and centre of our activities
  • To provide always the best operational excellence
  • To provide and excellence service through the management which will add value but remains affordable
  • To invest in our staff for future development
  • To continually raise the benchmark in providing advanced service in South Africa


  • To maintain high standards of business ethics and act in trustworthy, honest and in a respectful manner to ward staff and the Clients.
  • To provide a safe and secure working environment to our employees.
  • We encourage loyalty and dedication, thereby creating a positive workforce.
  • We embrace discipline throughout the service towards Clients and staff.
  • We value our responsibility , strive to good citizenship and secure an open channel communication
  • We will consistent provide a reliable service to our Clients
  • We will focus on the Client’s needs
  • We will encourage our employees to strive to go the extra mile
  • We believe in working together as a team we will achieve success in the business.

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